Swine Flu Propaganda Exposed By 60 Minutes In 1979

Source: http://www.healthtruthrevealed.com July 11, 2009

Video: CBS 60 Minutes -1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Is The Smoking Gun Against Mass Swine Flu Immunizations!
Here is the soon-to-be-famous 1979 CBS 60 Minutes episode concerning the 1976 swine flu pandemic in USA and the massive vaccination that followed. Note that this episode was banned after its first showing on television. It is now being released publicly on the internet for the first time, after 20 years!!! Watch the video and spread it far and wide to every person you know. People in America need to be outraged that 33 years later the same failed plan with swine flu is being attempted again.
For a direct link to the website of this video clip the address is as follows: here

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