Nothing Is Normal

Nothing Is Normal

It IS true that everybody is unique but it is NOT true that nobody is OK.

There is a scale of almost infinite graduations from rock bottom to the stars and we are all on it. AND we change position on it. Sometimes by the minute.

IMHO the first attitude to have is that you want to improve your position on the scale.

The second is that there are laws and rules and truths to be known and we need to learn AND APPLY them to move up on the scale.

The third is to recognise is that the above process will not be easy. There will be tough times. Unimaginably tough times.

There will be obstacles that seem insurmountable until you overcome them.

There will be trials that test your patience and resolve until you pass them.

There will be distractions galore away from which you will need to discipline yourself.

There will be things in your past you find difficult to confront, for it was the lack of confronting them then got you to where you are today.

But as you walk the path to enlightenment and truth, things get easier, they get better, your relationships iron out, you become more at cause over your work and life, you are more productive and feel happier.

This I tell you honestly from personal experience. And I wish for you what I have gained for me.