Current Commentary


“Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” – Voltaire

A lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.
911 was not an inside job.
You can chose your gender.
You don’t need an uterus to have a period.
The Covid jab is safe and effective.
The 240,000 excess deaths did not come from the jab.
Died suddenly is not caused by the Covid jab.
Heart attacks are caused by climate change (and eggs, apparently).
You can trust your government.
Big pharma are interested in your health and welfare.
CO2 causes global warming.
The climate is changing due to anthropomorphic rising temperatures.
It is far more important to worry about CO2 levels than ocean plastic and chemical pollution, soil degradation and pollution and air pollution.
The US did not violate their agreement with Russia to not expand NATO.
The US did not engineer to overthrow a democratically elected Ukraine government in 2014.
The US and EU partners never signed the Minsk agreement with no intent to honour it but to buy time to arm Ukraine.
The US and EU are not fighting a proxy war with Russia.
The US and EU are not progressively ramping up their arms supplies to further provoke Russia.