Bill Gates has warned Australia to be ready for the next pandemic, which could be man-made and far more brutal.

Bill Gates At Lowy

It is of concern to me that a man with so much money should be investing so much of it into garnering influence and sway over the unelected bodies (WHO, media, academic, medical and scientific institutions) and getting politicians on board with a planned response similar to the one that has just cost billions of dollars and millions of lives for a virus no FOI request to any institution has yielded proof of existence.

I’m not saying the people who got sick from what they were told was Covid got sick from nothing. What I am saying is that not one single person or organisation has provided proof that Covid as such exists.

But if a man with so much money invested in vaccine manufacturers is going around the world beating the drum for a “brutal” and “man-made” virus when we know bioweapons labs exist (the US government admits to sponsoring 36 in Ukraine alone) are working on gain of function research and have failed safety inspections, then it behooves us mere mortals to take note and perhaps make sure our health is in tip-top shape and we are genned in on how to handle preventative and remedial measures.