The Music Past The Wall

The Music Past The Wall

The Music Past The Wall

A friend posted:

This morning before daybreak sitting on my patio, I tried again to see beyond and hit the same barrier. I just don’t know how to reach beyond what I now know and know I should be able to reach another level of awareness and knowingness, for it is there, waiting for me to be able to understand, and I just cannot reach it. So I wrote this. There really is a wall, self-imposed or other imposed back in time, to limit our limitless abilities. I want to go back home and make some music there again.

There is a Wall
There is a wall
That I am nearly tall enough to see over
I can faintly hear the music
Being played on the other side
Like no music I have ever heard before on this side of the wall
And others here cannot seem to hear those melodies and harmonies so some think I am crazy but I don’ care
I somehow know I played it
Myself over there
But I cannot find a way back over or around the wall
How did I lose my way? Or why?
I spent my life searching to find the way back
I am so weary of this tuneless plane and make the most of
my days searching and knowing one day I will cross back over
When I have proven my worth if that is the ticket
To cross over and join the band beyond the wall.

I replied:

When is your best time and place to fully connect with your “higher self”. I sometimes get the impression I am operating on two planes, this one here on Earth: a Spirit, Mind and Body combination we know as a person, the other is “up there” without my body.

Sometimes I feel like I “connect” with my higher self and see things with new clarity or have a realization.

For me the best time is very first thing after I awake. If I lie there and just let my thoughts take me where they will or put my attention on an area and get into communication with it, sometimes magic happens.

Spot your “best time” and invest some time there.

My higher self wishes you a better connection with your higher self!