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Cree Prophecy
Cree Prophesy

The sad truth is that too many people are this criminally short sighted.
Those who aren’t that short sighted (that’s you and me) need to do more to revert the current catastrophic trend.
I am listening to some great lectures at present. One datum from yesterday’s listening is that a being’s troubles stem from his perceived inability to be cause. Every bad situatioin that comes to our attention over which we perceive that we cannot be cause reduces our morale.
Conversely, if we can do something that increases our perceived level of cause, our morale improves. Want to feel good? Take effective action to change a condition for the better!
Here are some suggestions.
1. Support those who are doing something about it. You and I might not have all the answers or the best answers or even an answer for every problem. But someone does. When you see someone doing something constructive, support them. If you have money and they need it, flow to their cause. If you have time and they need it, contribute some hours. If they are spreading a message with which you agree, click on the ‘Like’ button and forward it on your comm lines.
2. Communicate your viewpoint. You have a sane, pro-survival viewpoint. Many people don’t. The more sane people communicate sane solutions, the stronger the tidal wave of truth becomes to swamp the sea of lies. It emboldens others to speak your truth as they perceive it as agreement. This is how reality is communicated. You communicate your truth, others perceive it as true and pass it on and, by agreement, it becomes reality. And we need a better reality at present!
One way you can do this is by wearing t-shirts that forward a message you wish to communicate. At present I am wearing one that has on the front,
It is rare that I wear it without receiving a positive feedback.
3. Stop contributing your money (energy) to those who are doing harm. Take your purchasing dollars and buy organic or grower’s market food (fruit and veggies) rather than highly refined and processed food. If everyone did just this one thing it would revolutionise their health and a lot of society.
4. Support local, small businesses with whom you can communicate rather than large, faceless corporations whose directors are responsible only for profitability and not for sustainability.
5. If you have shares in companies, register your opinions to the directors at shareholder’s meetings.
6. Make your viewpoint known to your local politician on matters of interest to you.
If you have a problem for which you have no solution, call me. I love sharing the wisdom I have learned from others wiser than me.

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