To US Citizens – How To Protect And Defend Your Rights Against Federal Encroachment

The Federal Government in the USA has recently enacted draconian, tyrannical legislation that is in complete violation of the Magna Carta, common law and the Constitution of the United States. This is transforming the US from a land of the free to a Police State and has the potential to impact on the life of EVERY US citizen by making you the effect of that tyranny.
In order to nullify the effect of this tyrannical legislation there are some important points that need to be known.
In the USA, the States were created first. The States then wrote the Constitution by which the nation was created. The Constitution severely limits the scope and power of the Federal Government. Therefore the Federal Government is SUBORDINATE TO THE STATES! The Federal government is simply the result of a compact between the States to create a cooperative union for the mutual benefit of the States. The Federal government is not even a party to the agreement called the Constitution. It is a creation of the States.
The following link is a MUST read for anyone who has any interest in really understanding the relationship between the States and the Federal Government and how the Constitution relates to this.
I urge you to take some time to understand this then to take some action on it. This action is vital if you wish to retain your freedom for it is rapidly being legislated out of existence!
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