You Does Not Exist

You Does Not Exist

Not quite correct and also very wrong. You DO exist. Just because nobody sees the whole you does not mean it is not there. Unlike all others, you see most of the picture of you because you are living ALL of your life, not just the limited bits each other person sees, from their viewpoint and through their filters.

(Just as an aside the worst off who mean you and everyone else harm are frantically trying to unmock you so that you do not exist. Then, they feel, they would be safer. Global overpopulation is one of the guises they use to justify getting rid of most of us.)

You’ve lived ALL of your ups and downs, you’ve dreamed ALL of your dreams, lived some, abandoned some and hold fast to the ones you have chosen to keep. Only you know ALL your heart’s desires, your fears, wishes and hopes for the future.

Yet even you do not know ALL of you. There are bits of your past that lurk in the shadows, exerting a felt but unseen influence over your thoughts and life.

If you’d like to know more, PM me and I will send you a link to a video.