Seek To Live With Truth

When all around you are living a lie
It’s hard to see the truth, let alone live it.
It’s more comfortable to go into agreement with the lie.
It is far less comfortable to confront the fact that it is a lie.
It is even harder to start to live with the truth.
But truth is, only living with truth leads to survival.
Living with lies is the path to destruction and death.
Sooner or later.
Truth is, you are a lot more powerful than you think you are right now.
All you need to do is to start to walk the road to truth and you will discover that for yourself.
All too quickly.
The first place to start is to be true to yourself.
Persisting in a job you dislike is not being true to you.
If you don;t know what your basic purpose is, find out.
If you are not in a job that is on your purpose line, rearrange your life so you are.

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