New Year's Resolutions for Your Business

Whilest by no means complete, here is a list of things you may find useful. Successful management is simple. You:
1. Deliver a product or service that is needed and wanted,
2. Maintain income greater than outgo,
3. Maintain or reduce expenses relative to income,
4. Increase efficiency.
To increase turnover you:
1. Get more clients,
2. Lose fewer clients,
3. Keep clients longer,
4. Sell more to the client each time they purchase,
5. Sell more often to the same client.
To increase net profit you:
1. Reduce the cost of what you sell,
2. Increase the selling price of what you sell,
3. Reduce your overheads and expenses.
To eliminate wasted effort you ensure all your staff:
1. Know your organisational goals and targets,
2. Are in agreement with them,
3. Are working efficiently on the actions that will attain them,
4. Are not working on actions that will not contribute to them.
To get yourself some time off you:
1. Hire some productive people,
2. Train them to be competent at what you do,
3. Delegate responsibilities to them,
4. Change gears from doing to managing.
I have a suggestion for your New Year’s resolutions list. How about you spend just five minutes on each of the above numbered points? List what you are doing that works and work out what extra you could do to improve your results on that point.

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