Citrus Pectin

(Tom: You may already know that citrus pectin is one of the many ingredients in my top bars and powders. Here’s an ad I received that has some interesting data in it.)


I’ve heard you talk about something called the “survival protein”. What is it, and how does it impact my health?


The survival protein is a very important protein, also known as Galectin-3. When your body senses danger, it produces Galectin-3, unleashing a flood of inflammatory signals and compounds that are supposed to help you heal and repair. Because it’s at the head of your survival-based “alarm system”, I call Galectin-3 “the survival protein.”

The problem is, Galectin-3 often stays activated, spreads ongoing inflammation, and can have serious damaging long-term health impacts from causing disease, cancer and chronic illness, to speeding up aging.

Extensive research shows that controlling Galectin-3’s activity is the key to long-term health and longevity, and addressing ongoing health issues.

Only one ingredient has been shown to enter the circulation and bind to circulating Galectin-3, effectively blocking its signals and deactivating it.

That ingredient is PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin—the most-researched Galectin-3 blocker available today.*

Because of its unmatched ability to disarm overactive Galectin-3, PectaSol delivers powerful health benefits including:

Healthy aging
Cardiovascular function
Kidney and liver health
Joint comfort and mobility

And here’s the link to the advertiser if you want more data.