Exclusive Fact Check! No COVID-19 In NOT Snake Venom! Don’t Believe It, Here’s Why…

Covid-19 Not Snake Venom

An interview on April 11th, with Stew Peters, a former chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis made a claim that COVID-19 is not a virus, but snake venom. This theory is flawed and full of misinformation. This video, exposes it all.

Basic Points of the Video Proving COVID-19 in not Snake Venom:

1- There was never any serious consideration, from either side, that snakes were the origin or host for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Genetic and protein sequence comparisons always indicated bat coronaviruses as the most likely backbone for a laboratory created COVID-19 bio-weapon.

2- The basis of his claim is that monoclonal antibodies are identical to anti-venoms used for snake bites. This is just not true. Antivenom is made by injecting a goat or horse with a small amount of venom. The antibodies released by the animal’s immune system to fight the venom are later harvested via bleeding. The blood serum or plasma is then concentrated and purified into pharmaceutical-grade antivenom. (Link- https://www.si.edu/spotlight/antibody-initiative/antivenom )

Monoclonal Antibodies are different. They are lab-produced, or cloned, and designed to boost protection against a specific target like the coronavirus. No monoclonal antibodies have been created yet to target snake venoms. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monoclonal_antibody)

The two are not one in the same. If you get a snake bite you get antivenom not monoclonal antibodies.

3- Bing Lue, COVID researcher shot and killed, no one knows what he was working on, pure speculation.

4- Ardis misrepresented an Arizona study, He claimed falsely that the study showed an enzyme from rattlesnakes venom was in the blood of all COVID patients. That is nowhere found in the report he referenced. He just lies.

What the study did find, based off minimal research, is an enzyme healthy humans already have in their bodies — which is similar but not identical to an enzyme in rattlesnake venom — was circulating at elevated levels in patients who died of COVID-19. (See the Arizona Supply paragraph 3-4 https://archive.ph/N3Lg8#selection-673.126-679.266 )

5- Ardis implied that 19 toxins were related to COVID-19, and that the 19 in COVID stood for the toxins. The problem is the 19 on the end of COVID stands for the year it was discovered. He then links a study from Texas on Indian Cobra showing how anti-venom has 19 venom toxins. That’s his only tie, one has nothing to do with the other.

6- Ardis also doesn’t provide an adequate explanation for human-to-human transmission of COVID-19, other than to suggest, without providing any evidence that the snake venom might be passed between humans through the water supply, which is epidemiologically impossible based on the actual data. Snake venom is not contagious.