Remember When They Said “To Not Get Covid, Get the Vax!”

All Vaxxed
Remember them saying that the vax would prevent infection, prevent transmission, lower your chances of dying? All lies. Depending on the study, you are up to 6 times MORE likely to get Covid if you are vaxxed. 73% or more of the UK Covid deaths are of people who have been vaccinated. In fact one analysis showed a 600% greater death rate after covid among the vaccinated. The “fact checkers” point to the fact that the vaccinated are more likely to be older and therefore more likely to die to explain the higher death rate among the vaccinated.
And I saw a video clip of the NSW Health Minister almost frothing at the mouth over people spreading vaccine misinformation as he spews a constant stream of lies on vaccine safety and efficacy, forcefully exhorting people to get vaccinated. Sickening.
Breaks my heart for the people who do not have a source of true data with which to protect them and their children from these lying scoundrels.