22 Health Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Rhoda Wilson has compiled a list of points that are great to help you focus on doing the things that matter.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Vitamin D
Tip 2: Up Your Intake of Key Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Immune Boosters
Tip 3: Treat COVID at FIRST Sign of Infection
Tip 4: Optimize Your Health With Systemic Enzymes
Tip 5: Boost Your Liver Health With Choline
Tip 6: Eliminate ALL Seed (Vegetable) Oils
Tip 7: Boost Your Magnesium Intake
Tip 8: Improve Your Bowel Evacuation
Tip 9: Combat Chronic Inflammation
Tip 10: Filter Your Water
Tip 11: Reduce Your EMF Exposure

EMF Minimisation
Tip 12: Boost Your Collagen Production
Tip 13: Optimize Your Sleep
Tip 14: Ditch Google and Facebook Once and for All
Tip 15: Protect Your Eye Health
Tip 16: Grow Your Own Food
Tip 17: Try Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training
Tip 18: Lower Your Risk for Autoimmune Disease
Tip 19: Combat Osteoporosis
Tip 20: ‘Green’ Up Your Wardrobe

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