Sad State of Affairs in Oz

Reposted from a group I am on:
That plane that had the Covid case, the Newcastle flight ✈️ Remember how the government was going to quarantine the whole plane and then backflipped. Well part of gaining entry into our state is that you have to do a 5 day post arrival Covid test… it’s stupid because you’ve been wandering around all infectious but anyways…. There were 8 guys from singleton army barracks on that flight, all double jabbed, all tested negative before the flight, all sitting in various places all over the plane.
All of them have ‘tested positive’ at their 5 day post travel test
Here’s where it takes a turn. They received a call from department health Saturday afternoon telling them to stay put and they would be collected. My contact had an ambulance and 3 department of health vehicles arrive with officers in full PPE. They have been transported to different hospitals all over Brisbane. My contact is currently LOCKED in what he thinks is the cancer ward at the Prince Charles Hospital. He hasn’t received any paperwork – no Biosecurity Act paperwork and no formal positive test, he has absolutely no symptoms, he has not been allowed to take another test to rule out a false positive. His family try to bring him food but it’s not being delivered. The TV is broken. He’s inside and has no access to fresh air. He’s been told he’ll be there for at least 14 days.