The Secret To Writing

The Secret To Writing

There are two powerful things I want to share with you today.

Number one concerns getting what you want.

If you distill it down to it’s core simplicities, this consists of
1. Knowing where you are.
2. Having a known objective you wish to reach.
3. Having a plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to reach.
4. Making a start.
5. Keeping on moving towards your objective. Staying focused and keeping moving despite obstacles, distractions and demotivators.

And number two is about getting what you want.

Some people wonder how others can accomplish so much…
The powerful truth is that small habits make huge difference over time.

Reading 20 pages per day is 30 books per year. Over ten years, that’s 300 books.

Saving $10 per day is $3,650 per year. In ten years that’s $36,500 and if well invested, potentially $100,000.

Running 1 mile per day is 365 miles per year. Over ten years it’s the distance of 80 marathons.

Becoming 1% better per day is 365% better in a year.

By embodying a process of continuous improvement in your knowledge, ethic level, integrity, self management (diet, exercise, sleep) and people skills you will become an unstoppable force.

As I have on my email footer:

Our most formidable enemies are:
Personal and collective ignorance,
personal and organisational out-ethics,
lack of personal integrity and
lack of self-discipline.

What we don’t know and what we know we should do but do not discipline ourselves to do are two things that will kill us. Gradually or suddenly.

Self-discipline is a skill and just like any skill, it improves with practice.

On what are you going to practice yours today?