Foods that help remove radiation (and other toxins) from the body

I am listening to a lecture series given in 1957 by a researcher who identified a progressive decline in awareness of the general population coincident with the sustained release of radiation into the atmosphere by atomic bomb tests. No relevance at all in this day and age after Chernobyl and Fukishima. (Sarcasm.)
Not being one to enjoy being made dumber and sicker by fluoridated water, increased toxic burden from heavy metals, inadequate nutrition or a radiation laden atmosphere I am looking to increase the number of foods I eat that have the effect of removing radiation and toxins from the body.
Here is a list of some I have found:
Modifilan *
Chlorella *
Vitamin E *
Vitamin C *
B group vitamins *
Lecithin *
Cod liver oil
Vitamin F – Unsat fatty acids
Fruit pectin *
Sunflower seeds *
Kelp *
Iodine *
Rosemary *
Apples *
Citrus fruit
Berries *
Zeolite Clay
Those with an asterisk are ingredients I have added to my top food bar. http://www.

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