Hold The Line

Shaun Kirk

I’ve been anticipating having to write this post for a while now and dreading it, but here goes…

For a few months now I’ve been taking some time to lay low, recharge, and re-energise from all the heaviness of the past 20 months.
In that time I’ve been quietly keeping close eye on everything that’s been going on across the world, Australia, my home state of Victoria, and my beloved home city of Melbourne.
To say it’s been heartbreaking would be an understatement.
Over the past weeks, as some restrictions have eased, I’ve begun to receive emails and offers from venues and festivals to return back to the stage.
Offers that I would usually enthusiastically accept in a heartbeat.
But unfortunately, now I am not.
And here’s why…
Because, to say yes to these gigs right now would be to contradict much of what I’ve sat on stage singing about over the years.
To say yes right now would be to go against everything I stand for.
To say yes would be to participate in a system that is endorsing division in our society.
To say yes would be to succumb to the fear.
And I refuse.
I know that I will lose much needed work and opportunities in this decision, and that’s ok.
I know there will be people who are not going to agree me on this, and that’s ok.
I know that I may lose friendships and fans in this decision, and that’s ok.
That is the decision of the each individual and I will always meet that with love and respect.
But it’s a price I’m willing to pay in order to stay true to what feels right in my heart and soul.
Anything less would not only be a lie to myself, but to all of you also.
So here it is…
As hard as it is, I have personally decided that I will not be performing at any venues, events or festivals where medical passports are required, as I simply can not, and will not support such an alienating system (whether I’m jabbed or not).
I believe in a society of equal opportunity for everyone, no matter their medical choices.
Please understand that this is by no means a stand against the businesses who have been thrown in the deep end by our governments and coerced into enforcing these regulations.
I feel for you guys and understand the pressure people are feeling right now to keep food on the table.
This is a stand against our so called ‘leaders’.
Whether you want to admit it or not, history is being made right now.
And I know what side of history I want to stand on.
And whether you’re aware of it or not, there is, without a shadow of doubt, an underground movement building like never before.
I have seen it with my own two eyes.
I have stood amongst it with my own two feet.
I have felt its energy.
For weeks now I have been taking to the streets with thousands upon thousands of others.
Saturdays have become weekly festivals of peaceful protest.
People of every colour and creed are coming together to take back what is, and what has always been so rightfully theirs.
To put pressure on, and to overthrow a system that is no longer serving them or its purpose.
And it’s working.
So now it’s time to increase that pressure.
To get louder.
I call on all the artists and bands out there who have preached equality in their music and songs to put their money where their mouth is and raise your voices.
I call on anyone out there who has been feeling like an outcast of society during these times to reach out. You are not alone. I promise.
If you have your own stories of how the past 20 months have affected you and your family and want to share them, I would love to hear from you.
And if you are one of the many courageous businesses who are operating on ethics of inclusion and respect for all, and pushing back against the disgusting behaviour of our governments, my hat goes off to you, and I would love to work with you.
Enough is enough.
The goal posts have been moved too many times.
This shit has to stop.
In the name of one people.
Big love to you all.