Individuals Have Rights

Ayn Rand The Smallest Minority

It is the insane who say the group is everything and the individual is nothing. If we look after individuals, educate, train and upskill them, empower them, free them, then the individual is far better able to live a sane, healthy, happy and productive life. As a result we have a sane society because a society is only as strong as the individual members of it.

If we fail to educate them, or worse, fill them full of false data, disempower them, imprison them politically, economically or physically, all “for the common good”, we create a slave society that benefits only those at the top but only temporarily, as slave societies do not last.

So if you want a lasting, sane, healthy, happy and free society, look after your fellow man as best you can. Teach him he has rights, inalienable rights, and help preserve those rights from the encroachment of evil.