Victoria’s Lockdown

Brent N Cam posted:

A guy walks in to a Melbourne bar – he’s just back from India, does 14 days quarantine in Adelaide, passes that and wanders the streets of Adelaide then flys to Melbourne AND THEN the virus that was on him all that time suddenly appears and starts spreading, and causes the complete lockdown of 6.5 million people for at least 7 days.

No one else in Adelaide quarantine or working there gets it, no one else in Adelaide anywhere gets it and no one else on the plane gets it.

But he gets to his home in Melbourne and SHAZAM, it takes off and shuts the whole state down.

And all this happens days before the State of Emergency runs out in Victoria.

And the reason for a lockdown, according to the govt, is that not enough people are “jabbed”.

But they get to extend the State of Emergency because of this sudden and mysterious outbreak that only happened AFTER the guy left quarantine and flew to Melbourne and mixed amongst his family.

And the people of Victoria rush out in unprecedented numbers to join the global human testing and trial of the jab currently being marketed by govt as a ‘ennicav’ – even though it’s not actually a ‘ennicav’ and even with possible long term ramifications not being known for a long time, of course.

And no one questions it.