The Powers That Be, or the Elites, Finding it very hard to stop Themselves Speaking the Truth – THE VACCINE IS THE DANGER!!!


Here’s the evidence:

First Matt Hancock’s Speech

“Social distancing works by denying the vaccine the social contact it needs to spread”

Matt Hancock’s words apparently…

He’s saying that those who have had the vaccination will spread disease!

Next is Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young speaking truth about “older people”. Well, I guess everyone can make up their own mind on this.

And BTW, no-one (not even the media) pulled her up on what she said.

She is saying that older people are vulnerable to that vaccine. Are they showing their true colours at last now many people have been vaccinated? That the vaccine is really the killer?

It would seem the more they lie the more they find it hard not to say the truth. It’s like their desire to speak the truth is bleeding through and wanting to tell the truth despite the lies. Because it’s very hard for someone to continuously cover up their real self. So they put up a facade. But the facade is just that and that which it hides eventually shows through.

In many cases, the harder we try not to think of something, the more frequently it springs to mind. And the more often we think of something, the more likely we are to express it verbally.