17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs

Minimize Exposure To Dirty Electricity And EMFs

17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs

There are 4 major components to electromagnetic frequencies:

Electric fields
Magnetic fields
Radio frequency radiation
Dirty electricity

Steps you can take to protect your home from harmful electric fields:

Get rid of electric blankets, waterbeds, and electric heating pads, which are all conductors of electricity.
Purchase shielded, grounded extension cords and power cords to be used in your home.
Alter your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude necessities and switch off your circuit breaker at night for a restful sleep.
Hire a professional EMF consultant to give you tailor-made recommendations to make your bedroom and/or home a safer place.

Tips for removing magnetic fields from your home include:

Getting a read on the levels of magnetic field in your home by using an EMF meter
Use battery-powered alarm clocks
Leave at least eight inches of space between your bed and your wall
If your bedroom is located next to the utility pole, position your bed so that it is six feet away
If your bedroom is situated right next to the kitchen or the home theatre set, be sure to place your bed on the opposite side of the room

When it comes to radio frequency radiation, here are some helpful steps you can take:

Turn off your cell phone and keep it out of your room at night. When you’re not using your cell phone, put it on airplane mode
Don’t use Bluetooth headsets; keep your phone as far away from your body as practical
Don’t use your cell phone when you’re in a car or using public transportation
Avoid using Wi-Fi and opt for hard-wired Ethernet connections.
Avoid using a cordless phone and use a landline instead of your cell phone
Purchase a radio frequency meter to test your home
Ensure that your house remains a clean electricity zone
Replace all compact fluorescent light bulbs with incandescent lights

17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs