Food Matters Film

“This film lays out the inconvenient truth the food industry doesn’t want you to hear – that nearly all degenerative disease is actually caused by the processed, nutrient-depleted food being consumed in first-world nations around the world. ‘Food Matters’ dares to reveal how we can stop this cycle of destruction and restore true health to ourselves and our planet.” – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger founder of Natural
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Let me underscore a portion of that quote from Mike Adams: “nearly all degenerative disease is caused by processed, nutrient-depleted food”.
That is why I make my healthy food bars. I do not want to get an avoidable degenerative disease like cancer, stroke, heart attack, dementia, Alzheimer’s and I am prepared to eat healthier than normal to avoid them.
Join me will you? While it will be somewhat validating, I don’t want to be the loneliest, oldest, most active person alive. I want some company! I don’t want to say, “See, I was right!” to the trees! I would much rather say, “See, we were right!” to a group of happy, healthy, active fellow centenarians.

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