When expectation exceeds reality, disappointment follows.
But when you demand more, reality is often bettered.
If you have ever been let down, you will appreciate the truth in the first line.
There is a subtle but huge difference in expecting (passive desire or wish) and demanding (causative intention) more from someone.
The intention level (low when wishing but high with demanding) is what makes the difference.
Next time you want an improvement in your life, demand it from yourself.
Oh. You thought I was talking about demanding more from others?
No, I was talking to you, about you.
You see, you are the most influential person in your life.
Nobody has as much influence with you as you do.
Nobody spends as much time with you as you do.
Nobody talks to you as much as you do.
What others say to you is infinitesimally insignificant compared to what you say to you.
If you do not act on the most brilliant advice you receive, it is as if it was never given.
Mediocre advice, acted upon, is infinitesimally more powerful than the best advice ignored.
So make some time this weekend to do these steps.
Imagine yourself to have NO FEAR! Imagine yourself to be all powerful, capable of facing up to any task, conquering any challenge and reaching any goal you set for yourself.
What would you aim for if you maintained that viewpoint?
With that in mind, review the advice you are operating on, your “self talk”, the conversation you have with yourself. See if you can give yourself some better advice.
Then act on it.
After all, who better to follow advice from than the person who knows you best?

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