Success – Medical Board drops plans to target Integrative medical practitioners

I received this from Your Heath Your Choice in relation to a cause I supported:

Dear Tom,

On 16 February 2021, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) formally announced that it has abandoned plans it flagged in 2019 to restrict medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments.

Health professionals and the public strongly disagreed and under the significant weight of 13,000 submissions, the MBA has withdrawn its proposed changes.

Over 12,000 of these submissions were sent by the public via the Your Health Your Choice platform, which flooded the Medical Board with peoples’ positive experiences with integrative medicine on a scale that the Medical Board could not ignore.

This long-awaited announcement is a major win for consumer rights.

It safeguards the ability of medical practitioners to continue to provide much-needed integrative health services to the community and the public’s ability to access them.

THANK YOU to all those who responded to the call and sent submissions to the MBA. Your efforts paid off, showing that people-power can and does make a real difference.

Kind regards,

Your Health Your Choice

Public pressure forces Medical Board to abandon plans to target integrative GPs