Vax Pushing Nurse versus Informed Mum – Score 1 For Mum!

A fabulous story I just HAD to share:

Written by Ellie Grey:

“Loving this !!! Wish more people would do their research…

I signed both the kids up for the GP practice today only as they both need their hearing tested…But the nurse came out and started having a chat with me – she said that she’d noticed that Marley hadn’t had a single vaccine, and that Skye was years overdue.

I told her that I absolutely would never consent to them having a single vaccine and as soon as they’ve had their hearing tested that we will again be deregistering.

She then made a comment somewhere along the lines of ‘that’s a very uneducated decision to make, we are medically trained for a reason, so we can save lives…are you? What do you do?’

This pissed me the fuck off! But boy was I glad she asked. My reply –

Thanks for assuming that I am uneducated, a bit of discrimination is great for a Monday morning. I’m actually studying my law degree, of which I have had a result of no lower than 89% for any of my assignments and my medical sciences degree, no lower than 91%. I am studying to specialise in vaccine injury and pharmaceutical corruption. Can you name me 3 ingredients in a vaccine? No.

Can you tell me how many human and animal dna cell cultures are in the vaccines? Na.

Can you tell me what the VAERS database is? Nuh uh.

Can you tell me how many mcg of aluminium a baby receives in the routine 8 week jabs? Nope.

Can you even tell me how many vaccines a child receives by age 12? Nada.

Can you tell me how much compensation has been paid out for vaccine injury and deaths? No can do.

Can you assure me that the safety of combined vaccines has been tested? Noooo.

Can you reassure me that you have done over 3000 hours of research like I have? No.

Can you tell me you were aware that you are more likely to die from the MMR than mumps, measles or rubella combined? No!

Don’t you dare call me uneducated when I can wipe the floor with you on this topic. YOU are the uneducated one, who was trained purely to sell vaccines on behalf of £2bn a year profit pharmaceutical companies.

Yep, I was rude. And nope, not a single fuck was given.

After she left the receptionist booked me in their hearing tests and I muttered loudly – ‘Babies don’t start developing their own anti bodies until they are a year old anyway, so even the idea is bullshit’ ??

I wasn’t in a good mood.”