Your Help Is Needed

If you go along with the premise that a nation is only as good as the aggregate of the calibre of its citizens then it becomes painfully clear that a nation of people with little integrity, ie. who can be bought by promises of government handout or, if in positions of power and influence, who can be bribed, is a poor nation indeed. And despite real or apparent material wealth, that nation is not long for this earth.

As those of us who recognise this truth would appear to be vastly outnumbered by those who have not yet learned it, then it well behooves us to hasten the learning of the lesson by the majority lest we join them in becoming one of the statistics of a perished society.

To that end I would like to direct your attention to a little booklet that has already achieved remarkable things, The Way To Happiness. A non-religious moral code it has garnered widespread approval and endorsement. It spectacularly turned Colombia around from being a trouble hotspot to one of the more desirable places to live.

I encourage you to read it and if you find it worth while, to likewise encourage others to read it. You can find out more here: