The Way To Happiness

I have some copies of a booklet called The Way To Happiness.

The first moral code based wholly on common sense, originally published in 1981. Its purpose is to help arrest the current moral decline in society and restore integrity and trust to Man.

If, after reading this, you want one, let me know.

A 4th Grade Teacher ordered The Way To Happiness educator kit. She does the seminar for her class and it seems to come off well.

A couple of months later Joni from The Way To Happiness Foundation e-mails her and asks how it went. The teacher tells Joni that “it was good and the students like it”.

Joni asks the teacher to ask the kids if they got anything out of it, if it helped them, etc.

The teacher goes back to her class and asks “do you guys remember the happiness thing we did a couple of months ago?”

Every kid in the room says yes (a win in itself as this is a group of of 10 year olds).

The teacher asks if it helped them or if they were able to use it.

One boy throws up his hand and says “I brush my teeth every night!”

Another girl says “well I clean off the table every night without being asked.”

Pretty rapidly it gets into every single student saying something about how they have been applying The Way To Happiness and how it has helped them be better in life.

The teacher ends the class and everyone walks out happily… save one boy who is standing at the back of the room.

He walks up to the teacher and said, “My dad beat me every night”.

The teacher is in shock and not sure what to say.

The boy continues, “But it’s OK, because when you did that seminar you told us that if someone isn’t applying one of the precepts, you should make them read it. So I took the book home to my dad that day and I had him read Love and Help Children. In the middle of reading it he started crying, hugged me and said he was very sorry and he would never hurt me again and that he would be the dad he was supposed to be. And he hasn’t hurt me since. You saved my life.”