The Motley Crew

Posted by a friend this morning:

“To follow up with what I wrote the other day about Ted Cruz saying that the Trump legal team was an “unorthodox” group to be bringing this case, by themselves to the Supreme Court. Cruz was lamenting that the small group of lawyers defending the president is not the group Cruz would expect for such a landmark case as this.

THEN, I read a little piece about that all Conservative and Constitutional lawyers were being harassed, doxed and their families were being threatened. Any lawyer who would dare defend Trump’s re-count was looking at ending their careers. The serious Marxist tactics have been successful in keeping GOP, Conservative, elected politicians, or Trump supporters away from the proceedings. Case in point, not one GOP official appeared when massive marches were organized in DC only a few weeks ago. The Left has effectively scared away any GOPs who have high profiles by threatening their livelihood and safety.

Then, the media kept chanting, “there is no evidence,” before the evidence has been presented. I began reading how people who wanted to come forward have been prevented from doing so, because they also were threatened. People had come forward, and then backed out, when they realized that they would have to become public. Sidney Powell has actually had to put some witnesses in witness protection because of the threats.

The chant: there is no evidence, is part of an organized, Progressive Marxist method of demanding more and more evidence to prove even the most minuscule point. No amount of evidence would ever be enough to please them, because the evidence would destroy their concept, their agenda. The plan is to discredit anyone who supports President Trump, so to try and expose the illegal, coordinated, organized and systemic cabal that changed the results of an election is going to be the highest bar anyone has ever had to clear.

Ted Cruz might be correct. We may have an unorthodox group of lawyers and volunteers defending the president. Unorthodox maybe just what we need in this case. Who else could inspire people against threats to their safety to defend not only his presidency but to defend our Republic? If passion can prepare the case of the century, the group we have is the perfect group, and we should be appreciative of every one of them for following principle over comfort. Looking at the huge bar they must clear, I am amazed at what they are taking on.

You might be wondering what the CIA, FBI and Justice Department have been doing.”