Was Covid-19 spreading freely worldwide BEFORE last Christmas? The evidence keeps stacking up

Hazmatted People In Ward

A new study from America indicates that people were falling ill with coronavirus-like symptoms in December 2019, but doctors at the time dismissed it as ordinary flu.

(Tom: I remember hearing from some of my US based friends at that time that they were sicker than they had ever been with the flu.)

A team of doctors from Los Angeles scouring the hospital records from last winter has discovered a series of smoking gun clues which almost guarantee that Covid-19 was present in America well before Christmas.

Scientists from UCLA have been analysing over 10 million hospital records from December 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020. Comparing that winter to previous ones, they noticed a 50-percent increase in ‘coughing’ as a symptom on admission forms. In addition, 18 more people than would ordinarily be expected were hospitalised with acute respiratory failure.

In fact, the scientists estimate that there may have been 1,000 or more Covid sufferers in LA alone last winter – and presumably those are just the symptomatic minority. At the time, of course, all of this was put down to a moderately bad flu season. Officially, Covid did not turn up in LA until January 22, when a traveller in LAX airport fell ill. He was from Wuhan, and was identified as Covid-positive four days later.

This bombshell fits an emerging body of evidence on an earlier coronavirus timeline. Many people may remember the reports of a strange vaping-related illness that ravaged Americans towards the end of last year. There was a good deal of study on it. Scientists at first thought it was the oils in the e-cigs congealing in people’s lungs, but soon debunked that hypothesis. In hindsight, it is difficult to look past Covid as the real culprit. Pneumonia-like symptoms, ordinarily fit people falling severely ill… it was Covid all over.

(Tom: This too I recall as I was in the US at the time.)

Here is the link to the article: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/500502-worldwide-covid19-spreading-december/

Tommy Wells who posted it wrote:

We have been deceived from the start. About everything. Can you think of anything – any “fact,” any claim, any model, any statistic or any prediction regarding this whole Covid19 debacle that has been correct from the outset?

We are experiencing an ongoing display of mass collective incompetence… not to mention we’ve been lied to about everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Jordan Grant commented:
FYI, the “studies” listed here are not “science”. I hope people learn to realize that. Looking at records, assuming “covid”, and then pretending you can “find it” by certain symptoms, or an extra # of coughs, etc, is just observational garbage. It is NOT science.

They’ve yet to even prove VIRUS here, in the true scientific definition of proof (scientific method…x causes y…yada yada). Hasn’t been done.

They are now just data mining with their false premises. this is what epidemiologists do. They are NOT scientists. They are not conducting experiments to prove a cause/effect relationship.

They are story tellers.

I’m sorry, but I tire of these articles and people saying that these are “scientists” doing these observational studies. It bastardizes the true meaning of the word….(moreso than it’s already been bastardized, I mean)

I replied to Jordan:
Jordan, I would like to respectfully suggest that perhaps your definition of science is too narrow. One I found readily was: The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.

The study fits that description well and appear to hold more water than the half of the peer reviewed studies in medical journals that “cannot be replicated”.

Your statement that the existence of the virus has yet to be proven is dead right and is the primary foundation missing from what is the giant stack of cards built on lies, misinformation, propaganda and fear.