This is true. We need to get more people creating. Which is the opposite of what big business and government seeem intent on bringing about.

If production equals morale and motion equals life then indolence and inaction lower morale and stasis equals death. The longer you are inactive the less alive you are and more dead you feel.

The government lockdowns, especially in Victoria, are lowering morale and life as evidenced by the rising suicides and self harm reports.

I recommend not necessarily breaking the rules but making sure you utilise all the available freedoms you are allowed. Get out and go for a walk each day for the full hour you are permitted. Look at things and extrovert your attention. Going for a walk is the nearest thing to a cure all.

If you can’t walk, spend some time each morning and night looking at things in your house one after another until you feel better.

If you can’t go to work at present, make a list of all the things you have been planning or thought to do and start doing them. Get creating!