On Getting Things Done

A mate sent me this quote from Plato: “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato – Philosopher (427-347 B.C.)
Considering the number of people who have things they would like to do but who never get started on them I can see Plato’s point but I find it pretty easy to start things and not as easy to finish them.
From what I have learned (and observed and experienced) it is not just me, more people find it easy to start tasks than they do to finish them.
In fact, the worst off amongst us cannot finish anything they start. Which is actually a very reliable way to pick the people to stay well away from and not let in your life.
I well recall visiting two different people. One worked at home and did not appear to be able to throw anything out. He had so many stacks of paper, magazines and books on the furniture and floor in his lounge that he had to move some off the lounge to make space for me to sit. He ended up not paying all his bill.
Another I visited at work. His office was so full of papers, magazines and books that he was unable to get two people to sit in it. He was occupying a meeting room and was hard at work filling that one too!
Ideally one should be as competent in starting, continuing or changing and finishing anything they wish to undertake.
As it is easy to get distracted prior to finishing tasks, I play a little game with myself from time to time to feret out any tasks I have started and discipline myself to finish them off.
It is amazing how many attention units this frees up.
I commend it to you as a useful exercise to try.
See if your experience matches mine!