HCQ Deniers Guilty of Mass Murder

“Hydroxychloroquine Deniers are guilty of mass murder and crimes against humanity.” … this statement by Dr. Zelenko is especially true now seeing that the FDA has just banned the use of HCQ based on 3 studies that used 2400mgs per day of HCQ when they knew a lethal dose of HCQ is 1800mgs. The use of 200 to 600 mgs a day combined with Zinc has a 99.7% cure ratio. Why then would these studies not test what has been working and include Zinc in the studies? Why would Gates, Fauci, the WHO, the FDA, the CDC and the NIH do studies purposefully using what they know to be lethal doses of HCQ? People died in these studies.

There needs to be an investigation immediately.

99.7% cure ratio in N.Y. compared a 90% mortality rate when people are vented in N.Y.

Do the math …

If it’s not obvious why these corrupt people and organizations are covering up and censoring what works for 90% mortality rates, then the reader needs to keep researching to find out Why. Your family’s and friends lives are on the line. Not to do so or be interested at this point is irresponsible.