Boosting Your Immune System

If you can, go watch this now!

If not, here are some notes from it:

Dr Frank Lipman New York
Pandemic of poor metabolic health
Pandemic of fear
Pandemic of virus

The pandemic of poor metabolic health predisposes us to sickness.
Most of the deaths are in people with hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

You cannot have a well regulated immune system if you have sugar dysregulation.
Sugar dysregulation leads to metabolic disorders and an imbalanced immune system.
Sugar dysregulation can take many years to present as a health problem.
Only one in eight Americans are healthy.

Lower carbs and suger intake.
Lower stress.
Connect to others.
A really important point he makes is this.
The ordinary things we do on a daily basis have extraordinary effects.

Dr Daniel Beilin Germany CTO & Founder Alfa Thermodynamics
Dr in regulation thermometry or body point temperature testing can identify problems areas long before conventional medicine.
Functional physiology is largely ignored.
No disease is a result of the malfunction of a single organ.
Most diseases are caused by chronic inflammation.

Christiane Northrup MD
Dietary supplements for flu and cold season
Liposomal vitamin C 2-5,000 mg a day, up if sick
Vitamin D3 10,000 IU a day
Pico silver by Dr Caroline Dean kills virus
Magnesium with Himalayan salt
Water (with electrolytes)
Sleep – with WiFi off sessa filters

Reishi mushroom

Dr Joseph Pizorno, ND
Bioflavanoids (fruits and vegetables) and quercetin (apple skin) aid the ability of the body to utilise zinc.
Vitamin A deficiency leads to reduced ability of aqua protective mucous membranes to resist infection. (Many people, 30-40%, are deficient in vitamin a – they cannot properly convert betacarotene to vitamin A.)

Dr Shelese Pratt, ND
Many people with unresolved issues have a virus, parasite, fungi, mould toxicty, yeast infection or other hidden pathogen.

Lyme bacteria will use heavy metals and other components to build a protective biofilm around them to protect against the attack from our immune system or medications.

People with chronic fatigue often have hidden infection.

Mold infection leads to immune and neurological degradation.

Eating fermented foods can sometimes react with mould in the digestive system so if you have a negative reaction when you eat fermented foods, get a checkout for mould infection.

For ear infections in children, antibiotics are not recommended for two reasons.

  1. Ear infections are mostly from a virus which and antibiotic does not address.
  2. A Netherlands study found treated and non-treated children improved in the same time.

We have an epidemic of ulcerative colitis in kids directly relative to the use of antibiotics.