How To Boost Your Immune System

From a retired nurse with 60 years life experience…

“I have studied health and immunity for a very long time. Human immunity comes from the microbiome of friendly bacteria on and in our bodies. Friendly bacteria on our hands is transferred to our face, where they grow and then are swallowed , then these bacteria protect us from bad bacteria or (pathogens). This process is 90% of our immune system. Putting harsh chemicals everywhere is removing our immunity, isolating from others is ruining immunity……we will never be able to stop touching our face because this is part of our instinct system…..touching our face keeps us healthy. Everything everyone is being told to do goes against the way our actual immune system works.

Please research, don’t believe me. Find out for yourself. There is a lot of information about how the human microbiome and how it works.There is a reason the sick is quarantined and not the healthy. By the healthy interacting they acquire the immunity needed to combat pathogens. Our immune system is millions of years in the making. If it didn’t know how to keep us safe from pathogens we would have all died off a long time ago.”