Latest On Australian High Court Case Filed Against Australian Government Coercive Vaccinations

Through God’s Grace this Case has been successfully filed with the High Court of Australia.

The successful filing has occurred through a process known as EX PARTE APPLICATION FOR LEAVE TO ISSUE OR FILE (High Court of Australia Form 31)

The continuing process now is that in the next period, most probably measured in weeks, the Matter will be examined by a Justice of the High Court of Australia.

The Justice (Judge) will then make a Judgement on the Matter.

Thank you particularly to all of you amazing powerful Women and Mothers who have enabled this, especially to Dr Judy Wilyman.

Without Judy’s amazing skills and determination this Matter could never have been filed.

All Members of the Australian Parliament have individually been emailed the details of this Case as have the Media.

This information has also been sent to and accepted by the The Australian Parliament Senate Select Committee on Autism – Inquiry into the services, support and life outcomes for autistic people in Australia

Feel free to distribute this information as you wish.

May God be with us.

Love and peace,

Sol 🙂