What's In A Name?

For some time I have been mulling over how better to communicate to others the value and health benefits of good nutrition versus empty calories. This morning part of the solution hit me like a ton of bricks. Most people are in confusion on the subject of nutrition.
Part of the reason for this confusion is lack of explanatory labels.
You cannot call two completely different things by the same name and not be confused!
One fat is not the same as any other fat.
A trans fat can be deadly whereas coconut oil can be life saving.
One carbohydrate is not the same as any other carbohydrate.
Sugar is deadly whereas broccoli is nourishing and cancer fighting.
This is like calling a go-kart and a semi-trailer by the same name – vehicle. True but woefully inadequate to full understanding.
This is why some people have taken to calling carbs either bad\simple (bread, sugar, grains) or good\complex (vegetables, fruits).
Another reason for the confusion is the absence of all the data. We have the term “macro nutrients” to describe protein, fat, fibre and carbs and it’s those that are on food labels and on which we partially base our purchasing choices. But there is no labelling requirement for the nutrients present in foods below the level of macro nutrients, so it’s that on which the consumer focuses.
We have the label “micro nutrients” under which we lump vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals but many have never even heard of phytochemicals let alone the fact that food labels tell you diddly squat about them.

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