A Note To The Truth Tellers

Apparently the two most dangerous things you can do are to help people and to tell the truth in the face of popularly held false beliefs. I have been gulity of both.
I had an amusing phone call this morning from a low toned individual. It’s interesting how low toned individuals try to bring you down but if you know the laws of life and universes you can take it as a compliment!
I share this for those friends (too many to tag) on my communication lines who are on the front lines battling lies and ignorance so you can take a win when someone tries to invalidate you.
The gentleman who called me this morning said, “We’re on a different wavelength.” and hung up.
He did not introduce himself. (Ill mannered)
He was not specific on his point of disagreement. (Suppressive)
He did not give me the opportunity to respond. (Low confront)
So he was rude in not introducing himself, a coward on not wanting to identify himself and not allowing time for a response and wanting to be destructive by virtue of being someone who is not specific and wants to put others in mystery (the bottom of hte scale).
So his only product was to make me feel validated for being on a different wavelength to and threrefore unlike him!
Have a great day, truth-tellers!