A Gift To You

You’ve heard the term, “Paralysed by fear”?
The term means a person unable to move due to an obvious and immediate overwhelming threat to their survival.
The term describes the motionlessness of the body but the truth is that it is the mind that is paralysed with fear. After all, it is the mind that directs the body.
Some low toned leaders who want to control populations for their own ends know this and employ it openly. So do many groups and individuals. The use it to keep people in line or enforce compliance with a course of action.
I observed that this week in a medical appointment. Remarkable how effective it is.
It is the technique currently being employed to generate hype to get all people vaccinated against what for the most part are relatively minor childhood infections that are made out to be mass killing diseases.
In fact, most people are so blinded by the fear of disease they cannot look, so do not see the dangers of vaccines. Which is, of course, exactly how the vaccine makers want them to be.
Which poses a major challenge to those who can see and are trying to educate the fearful.
It also opens a way through to reach them. Talk more about the very real damages, paralysis and death from the vaccines. Whic is becoming increasingly easy to do given the very available recent research proving such.
I have been concerned over the introduction of compulsory vaccination in the Maldives, Somoa and several US States. Knowing that always the wrong thing to do about anything is nothing, I put together several pages of data and links and a one page medical waiver (that I strongly suspect no doctor will ever sign) that I make available to you to use as you wish.
I am interested to hear your fedback on the document, how you would use it and any results you get from its use.