The little known miracle of life: fulvic acid

The little known miracle of life: fulvic acid

I am not sure that this is not the most important ingredient in my NutriBlast and top bars.

This is not “just another supplement” but a powerful, life-giving substance that is quietly disappearing from our food and this is taking a toll on human health.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” ~ Dr. Linus Pauling, awarded two Nobel Prizes

Fulvic acids can be found in compost or peat, lignite (brown coal which gives inferior fulvic acid) or ancient humic deposits that come from deep within the earth. Unlike other deposits formed over time deep below the earth’s surface, like coal, oil and natural gas, humic deposits are safe, providing powerful compounds that provide an impressive number of benefits for plants, humans and animals.


enhances the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals [xxxix]
anti-inflammatory effects [iv][x][xiv][xxxvii][xxxiii]
anti-allergy [xl]
improves many aspects of eczema [xiv]
speeds skin healing [xxix][xiv][xxxvii]
enhances healing of wounds infected with drug-resistant pathogens [xliv][xlii]
protects against free radical damage as an antioxidant [iv][xxxiv][xxv]
anti-aging benefits [v]
improves gut flora and gut health [xxxix]
anti-diarrheal effects in animals and humans [xxvi]
improves energy levels [xxiv]
reduces oxidative stress [xxxix]
useful in treatment of osteoarthritis patients [xix]
shows antiviral activity, interfering with a virus’ ability to attach to a host cell, penetrate the host cell, and reproduce itself [xxii][xxviii]
displays antimicrobial activity [xxxvi]
displays antifungal activity [xiii][xxxii]
effective for the management of oral biofilm infections [xxxiii]
anti-aging effect on the skin, increasing fibroblast viability and reducing collagen degradation [xxi]
neuroprotective, improves memory and brain function [v][ix][xvi]
supports the immune system [xxxix]
stimulates metabolism [vi]
cleanses toxins and heavy metals from the body [xviii][vii][xxiii]
shows immunomodulatory activity [xxxi]
modulates homocysteine and pro-inflammatory mediators linked to atherosclerosis [xii]
promotes ulcer healing [xv][xxxi][xli]

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