13 Cases of Mumps at Ridley High School

13 Cases of Mumps at Ridley High School

Susan writes: Merck is currently in a lawsuit for falsifying data for the MMR. A few months ago, an entire navy ship caught mumps. All aboard were fully vaccinated & up to date. Now, an outbreak of Mumps occurs in a school with “very high” vaccination rates.

An interesting point to recognize in the article; “some recent studies indicate the prevailing virus has drifted from what’s in the vaccine.” — AKA: the virus has MUTATED.

Section 13.1 of vaccines inserts states vaccines have not been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, Or for impairment of fertility. These are 3 crucial aspects of vaccines that have not been studied.

Why are doctors, scientist and politicians- who push for vaccines- satisfied with not knowing if vaccines cause cancer, infertility and mutagenesis?? Especially when these 3 issues have skyrocketed in the last few decades (right alongside the ever increasing vaccine schedule). Do people honestly think this is just “coincidence”