Vaccine Safety Lies Become Official Doctrine to Deny Vaccine Injury Compensation


In a previous article written for Vaxxter, I exposed a secret meeting hosted by the CDC and attended by a list of representatives from several international pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization. This July 2000 gathering has long been referred to as the infamous Simpsonwood meeting.

The meeting was the beginning of a worldwide collusion between governments, the vaccine industry and global organizations to suppress evidence showing that vaccines containing thimerosal (mercury) increased the risk of autism.

Dr. Thomas Verstraeton, an epidemiologist at the CDC had uncovered the vaccine/autism link using the CDC’s own vaccination database. However, under significant pressure, the study published in Pediatrics in 2003 painted a completely different picture. The report stated there was “no significant association found between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes.”

The CDC-Sponsored a Thief
Danish psychiatrist, Poul Thorsen, had been contracted by the CDC since the early 1990s to do epidemiological research. Between 2004 and 2010, Thorsen padded his pockets with millions of dollars taken from government research grants for his private use. He was indicted on April 18, 2011, by a U.S Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta, Georgia for embezzling, money laundering, and wire fraud.

Some of that funding was used to help the CDC cover-up the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines by using bogus Danish statistical studies, which claimed there is no connection to vaccines containing thimerosal and autism. This misrepresentation was called out by Robert F. Kennedy Jr….