Too Much Iron?

If you want to reduce the amount of iron your body absorbs,
1. Don’t take an iron supplement,
2. Don’t take a multivitamin containing iron,
3. Catechins in tea bind strongly with iron and reduce it’s absorption. I don’t recommend drinking with meals but drinking tea with your iron laden meals, like steak, will reduce the iron absorption.
4. 1. Vitamin C increases iron absorption so don’t take a vitamin C supplement with meals, take it with vitamin E and something fatty to increase the utilisation of the E at other than meal times.
2. Phytates in grains and flavonoids in vegetables bind strongly with iron so keep up the veggie intake.
3. Minimise the dietary intake of ingredients rich in iron, like red meat and spinach. If you are to have a dietary ingredient rich in iron, have plenty of flavonoid rich vegetables with the meat or grains at the same time as your spinach.

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