Stressed Out? 10 Adaptogenic Herbs That Help With Chronic Stress

Stressed out

The American Psychological Association (APA) warns that chronic stress is directly linked to at least six (and likely more) of the most common causes of death in modern America.

Longstanding stress wreaks some of its worst havoc on the glandular and endocrine systems of the thyroid and adrenals.

There are many ways that stress shows up in the body – both physically and emotionally.

There is an entire class of herbs known as adaptogens that are uniquely suited to support the body’s efforts to combat prolonged stress.

Adaptogens modulate the release of Cortisol, the “aging” hormone and help to uplift the body while simultaneously leveling it out.

10 adaptogens with powerful stress-killing potential:

Holy basil
Licorice root
Panax Ginseng
Rhodiola rosea

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