Overweight = Under Nourished?

We’re Getting Fat Because We Eat Too Little of Key, Critical Nutrients!
I have just added this as tip number 73. in my chapter on weight loss tips in my book. (http://www.DefeatDegenerativeDisease.com)
73. Make sure your diet is adequate in these nutrients or use one or more supplements to improve your intake. A deficiency of each of these nutrients is linked to increased fat retention.
Chromium (balances blood sugar levels that control hunger)
Vitamins B6 and B12 (both involved in converting calories to energy, so the calories are not as easily stored as fat)
University of Rochester researchers reported overweight and obese children are more likely than kids of normal weight to be deficient in iron. (Many overweight women are also low in iron.)
Amanda Prasad, MD. from Wayne State University is an expert on the mineral zinc. Insufficient zinc in the diet causes muscle tissue loss. This slows the metabolism and causes weight gain.

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