Five Levels of Truth

5. Opinion
Apparently 80% of people cannot tell the difference between fact and opinion. And the interesting thing is that not only can opinion be correct, completely contradictory opinions can appear to be true. Bill thinks Joe is bad because Joe treats Bill badly. Mary thinks Joe is wonderful because Joe treats Mary like a queen. Both opinions are based on fact, both are accurate observations of true data but both conclusions are true, if incomplete. The truth is neither conclusions are absolute, Joe is neither all good nor all bad.

4. Thoery
That is when someone takes some data and extrapolates an as yet unobserved phenomenon to exist based on the observed data. We do need to formulate theories and hypotheses on which to base experiments but they are mere theories until validated as true.

3. Experimantal Data
This is when someone takes an hypothesis and tests it under controlled conditions to see if it turns out to be true. The result is experimental data. It can be limited by the artifical and controlled environment in which the experiment is conducted. Observed data is often more valid than experimental data as it is of actions and objects as they exist in the real world. Unfortunately more than 50% of the peer reviewed articles in the best scientific papers cannot be replicated by other researchers, meaning they are wrong. So published science is as often wrong as it is right.

2. Observed Physical Universe Fact
When you observe an object, a reaction, an incident or a cause and effect you are a direct observer of reality.

1. Spiritual Cause
You are an immortal, indestructible spiritual being of the same nature as the Creator of this universe. Therefore you ae senior to this universe. You are here and involved for something to do as any game is better than no game. You, in your wisom, decide you want something then you create it. You bring that into being in the physical universe. You created that reality. Creation is a higher level of truth than observation.


When it comes to Climate Change there are a lot of opinions and theories (and downright lies) pushing the global warming agenda. When you look at the statistics put out by the IPCC and others forwarding the Climate Change agenda you would think that the basis of those statistics was up at level 2 or at least 3. Unfortunately not.
When you listen to people who actually go and look (level 2) one finds a very different picture. One that is swept under the carpet by those in power pushing the agenda. Suppressing dissenting data is not science, it is dogma.

Pref Morner says 90% of physicists and geologists disagree that the increase in carbon dioxide will raise temperatures.

Sea levels are not and will not rise. Historically, sea levels fell as temperature went up!

The reported temperature and sea level statistics are modified from the raw data to paint an alarmist picture. If you take the adjustments out there is no rise in temperatures or sea levels.