Confessions of a sugar addict

(From Ian at Alkaway from where I source the water filters I sell)
From one passionfruit my habit increased to a bowl of pawpaw, banana, passionfruit and orange… Every night.
So what? Well… last week I had my periodic appointment with my local skin clinic. Being an old surfer with Scottish skin I punished my epidermis mercilessly in search of that last great wave and of course, my skin is taking its revenge at age 72. Every visit, Dr Tim removes benign keratosis from all those parts of my body I ruthlessly cooked so long ago.
This visit, however, was different. He looked at a hard scab on the back of my neck and asked a strange question:
“Ian, are you stressed lately?”
He related that he has seen men in particular display a relationship between stress and what he was looking at. A squamous cell carcinoma.
I answered that no, I am far from stressed. I meditate daily, live a clean life and eat well.
Hmmm. he answered. Don’t you just love those doctor-hmmms?
Well, he cut it out on the spot and inserted 5 stitches.
Coming home to my true health guru, Cassie, I reported what he had found and done.
“You’ve never had one before, have you?”
“No, never. Plenty of keratosis, but none these nasties.”
“So… what’s changed in your diet?” she asked. “Ah! Fruit. You’re gorging on fruit! Fructose. The nasty sugar.”
Now… I’m not saying this is scientific in any form. But… think about it. Fruit, and sugar, is, like any dietary aberration, addictive. I had lapsed into an addictive sideline to my main alkaline keto diet! Sugar had sneaked back into my no sugar, low carb, alkaline diet.
As Dr Tim said, stress causes things like this. Stress, he said, can cause all sorts of nasty health conditions. So… is mental stress different to physical stress? I don’t think so. I think it is entirely possible that the stress that the excess fructose put on my metabolism caused the squamous cell carcinoma.So… Fruit? Yes. But in moderation!
Our ancestors only ever accessed fruit in season. And I’m sure they never drank fruit juice every day, or fruit smoothies, or any of the endless permutations our culture now tempts us with! Just keep in mind your intention. Balance through alkalizing.