Wild Idea Number Three

Wild Idea Number Three

Here’s a Wild idea: number three

Part of the agreement is a recognition that no government may sign any agreement that binds its people to it forever and that any such a treaty must be reviewed, say, every five years and voted upon by the people in a referendum. That way we can put an end to some bozo in government signing some daft treaty that creates problems for every future generation of the country.

We draw up a Code of Conduct for Governments. This is a new idea all by itself, I think. We have codes of conduct and standards of behaviour for people but we really, really need to have one for governments as well. The behaviour of many governments, by any rational decent standards, is often a total disgrace. If a person behaved the way many a government behaves, we’d lock the bastard up sand throw away the key!

This operates as a sort of moral code by which each government abides. It would, for example, include precepts such as (see above) not signing treaties that are binding in perpetuity upon people who are not even born let alone never voted on it.

The Code would also include common sense precepts such as NO arbitrary arrest or incarceration of ANYONE for ANY reason without a fair, impartial hearing in a court of law and then only based upon criminal ACTIONS that cause harm (murder, rape, arson etc etc) and NOT expressing an opinion, being a bit weird and so forth.