The Technical Reason Why Unvaccinated Children Have Stronger Immune Systems


From a certified medical laboratory scientist.

The statement “un-vaccinated children have a stronger immune system than vaccinated children” is supported by science. A paper published in the New York Academy of Sciences in 1995 explains why. This was one of the first papers I read that opened my eyes to the ineffectiveness of the current vaccination policy.

I have stated many times that antibody response is only half the story when it comes to immunity. Antibodies are not the only mechanism for eliminating pathogens from the body. Other mechanisms at work are cytokines (chemicals that attract white blood cells to attack the pathogen), complement (a macromolecule that literally drills holes into the shell of the pathogen turning it into Swiss cheese), and T-cells.

The mechanism of how the body responds to a natural infection and develops lifelong immunity afterward is by the creation of a special type of T-cell called a T-helper cell (Type1). Th1 cells release specific cytokines that activate Natural Killer Cells. The Natural Killer Cells are the most effective method for eliminating intra-cellular pathogens like viruses.

This paper identifies the pitfall of the current vaccination policy that by attempting to “fool” the immune system into thinking there is an invading pathogen (when the pathogen is actually either dead or inactivated), the vaccine creates a different type of T-cell called a T-helper cell (Type 2). Th2 cells are effective at eliminating extra-cellular pathogens. They release different cytokines that primarily focus on the creation of antibodies.

Are antibodies capable of eliminating pathogens? Yes. Are they the MOST EFFECTIVE at taking on an intra-cellular pathogen like a virus? Absolutely NOT!!! In fact, the flu virus actually has been shown to have developed a mechanism by which it can target Th2 cells and destroy them. And you wonder why the flu shot is worthless? That’s why!

An antibody titer following a vaccination is going to be high because all you have done by giving the vaccine is created antibodies. But antibodies are the scrawny little pipsqueek in the immune system family compared to the Natural Killer Cells which are more like Rambo or Arnold Schwartzenegger!

A policy of vaccination (instead of natural exposure) will actually switch the body’s innate sense to create Th1 cells when exposed to an intra-cellular pathogen like a virus and instead it will produce Th2 cells even when exposed to the wild type virus. Hence, a child who has been fully vaccinated has a “weaker” immune system compared to a child who has never been vaccinated because the latter will produce Th1 cells (that will activate Natural Killer cells) and the former will produce Th2 cells (which will produce antibodies).

It also makes it more understandable why a child who has been fully vaccinated against a viral infection like measles can still develop measles when they are exposed to the wild type virus.

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