The most important study on this issue in years

Our members have consistently told us they wanted the AVN to do one thing above all others – to help with a study that compares the health of the fully vaccinated vs the unvaccinated.

This is the study the AVN went to Federal Parliament to ask for back in 2002. Eighteen years on – still not study!

This is the study Prof Peter McIntyre stated, when put on the spot in a live Sunrise TV program 6 years ago, was already happening. Six years later – still no study!

The study is FINALLY happening!

Dr James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, one of our excellent Q & A speakers from the recent VaxXed tour, and author of The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, has initiated a study into this very question – who is healthier – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

Through the Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK) he and his team are conducting a study that will be published following peer review They are not accepting any money from the pharmaceutical industry but instead, are funding this completely via donations from the general public.

In their own words:

The 2019 Vaxxed/Unvaxxed Study will be conducted with the data from a well-respected practice in the United States that has large numbers of children who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated. The data is to be analyzed by IPAK, which provides assurance that the study will be regulatory compliant and will be conducted following Institutional Review Board approval. The study design will be based on the feedback and approval from the IRB, and the study will be published following peer review.

Their GoFundMe page can be found at this link and the AVN has just made a donation of $5,000 US to help bring this vital research to fruition. We hope those of you who are reading this and who have the means to give any amount – from $1.00 to $1,000 – will do so.

Pharma has billions of dollars at their disposal and we have so little, but what we do have is a unified goal and the passion to protect our health, our families and our rights.

Let’s show the world what a group of committed people can accomplish!

Yours in health,
Meryl Dorey
AVN President.

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